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Sue Garner (Manual)

Sue is based in Warlingham, Surrey and gives driving lessons in:

CR2, CR6

Sanderstead, Warlingham

Training vehicle

Citroën C3, 5 door in white

Services offered

  • Manual learner driving lessons
  • Pass Plus
  • Refresher and motorway lessons

Sue Garner driving instructor

I became an Approved Driving Instructor after years of working for a bank in the city.

I enjoy being on the road and meeting new people after decades of commuting up to London (mainly spent waiting for delayed London Bridge trains!) and being stuck behind a desk number crunching.

The best part of the job is watching pupils progress and gain confidence throughout the course of the lessons, and seeing the satisfaction in the face of the pupil as they are jumping around the test centre car park after they've passed, knowing that I helped them to achieve their goal, enjoying their new life on four wheels.

I'm married with an adult son who works in the sports industry.

Sue's Testimonials

Chiara Atie, Croydon, Surrey

AA Christina 240523"I was so happy with my experience with Sue from Elite Driving School. I’d been driving for 5 months with her and passed first time! I was very comfortable and so thankful for the support I received. Sue showed and explained to me how to drive safe and responsibly and took her time to show me over many sessions how to complete each manoeuvre, controlled operation and understand how to drive within road and traffic laws."

26 May 2024 freeindex review Google review logo

Daisy Lewis, West Wickham, Surrey

SG Daisy 240522"Very good teaching, friendly, efficient and helped me pass! Lessons were always helpful whether that was learning new maneuvers, practicing tricky routes or explaining what i had done wrong. would recommend"

08 May 2024 freeindex review Google review logo

Lisa Amon, Croydon, Surrey

"Sue taught both my daughters and they both felt very comfortable with Sue and both passed first time. Communication at all times was great and would highly recommend ommend Sue."

08 May 2024 Google review logo

Lizzy Wong, Croydon, Surrey

SG Elizabeth 240422"Sue was my driving instructor at Elite Driving School, I had no prior driving experience before this and she was incredibly patient and made driving less daunting. She ensured that I passed my test first time. I couldn't recommend her enough."

25 April 2024 Google review logo

Josh Hamlyn-Sack, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Josh 240423"Sue is a great instructor and helped me pass first time."

06 May 2024 freeindex review

Elizabeth Wong, Purley, Surrey

SG Elizabeth 240422"Sue was my driving instructor at Elite Driving School, I had no prior driving experience before this and she was incredibly patient and made driving less daunting. She ensured that I passed my test first time. I couldn't recommend her enough."

24 April 2024 freeindex review

Eric Anderson, London

SG Eric 2 240415"Sue is an incredible instructor, whose patience and determination ensured I passed my test with confidence. Not only did Sue help me pass my practical test, but she offered her time and valuable advice to help me fly through my theory."

"I was not a confident driver when I first began my lessons, but Sue's patience, kindness and attention to detail gave me the confidence to drive and pass my test."

"Her expertise in the various test routes and sometimes tricky manoeuvres ensured that I was familiarised with how to drive a car with confidence and ensured that there were no nasty surprises on test day."

"Her expertise meant that she recognised where my weaknesses were instantly, from there she'd clearly communicate how I could improve and allowed me to make an area of weakness into one of my greatest strengths behind the wheel."

"Outside of lessons, Sue went above and beyond, whether that was helping me practice the 'show me, tell me questions' over the phone or booking in lessons which worked amongst my busy work-schedule so we could have consistent practice."

"She is a second to none driving instructor, who puts her students first, anyone would be extremely lucky to have Sue to help them pass their test."

"Yours gratefully"

06 April 2024 freeindex review Google review logo

Sam Peters, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Sam 2 240406"Great instructor got me passed first time."

12 March 2024  freeindex review

Rose Adams, West Wickham, South East London

SG Rose 230215jpeg"Sue was an amazing driving instructor, very patient and helped me to pass first try."

15 February 2024 freeindex review Google review logo

Bhairavi Hariharan, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Bhairavi 240112"I can’t recommend Sue enough as a driving instructor. She makes you feel at ease during lessons and it feels like you’re driving with a friend. She has incredible patience and encourages you to keep improving lesson by lesson. I’ve often gone into lessons after a tough day at work, and she’s been able to help me decompress, and I would literally always come out of my lessons smiling! Her vast experience shows as she plans lessons well, identifies your weaknesses and will work on them with you until before you know it, your test ready! Thanks to Sue I passed first time and I couldn’t have done it without her. I’m genuinely going to miss my lessons with her so much, and can’t recommend her enough."

19 January 2024 freeindex review Google review logo

Asena Barker, Croydon, Surrey

SG Asena 231129"Sue was an amazing instructor! She was so friendly and made me feel relaxed. Great at breaking it all down and explained thing so they were easy to understand. She gave me so much confidence. Passed first time thanks to Sue. Definitely recommend!"

01 December 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Ella Spear, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Ella 231129"I had a wonderful experience with Elite driving school! Sue Garner was a great instructor and has helped me grown in confidence as a driver."

29 November 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Audrey Wallis, Purley, Surrey

SG Audrey 231127"Sue was a really nice instructor, helped me pass first time and kept me calm during the test and before it. Helped me learn to drive super quick and really well."

27 November 2023 freeindex review

Adiy Siddiq, Croydon, Surrey

"My experience with Elite Driving School has been excellent. My instructor Sue was really kind and talkative during my lessons and remained calm throughout which really helped to build my confidence. Not only was I able to pass my driving test first time but the ability to drive by my self now without any fear is truly what has made the lessons valuable and worth every penny. Thank you so much Sue."

01 November 2023 Google review logo

Amber Juby, Peckham, London

SG Amber 231111"I started lessons with Sue after a bad start with another instructor. From the first session she was professional and friendly, making me feel relaxed and confident in her teaching. She broke the syllabus down into small pieces so it never felt too overwhelming and worked on one thing at a time. Sue gave me so much confidence and I passed first time thanks to her!"

11 November 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Alexander French, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Alex 230511"Sue was an amazing driving instructor, she really helped me improve in all aspects, and taught me so many things to get me to a great level of driving after a bad experience with other companies. Would definitely recommend :)."

07 November 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Diya Thakrar, Croyden, Surrey

SG Diya 231019"Sue has been best driving instructor I have known. Both my daughters passed their driving test with her. We recommended her to our freinds and all 4 of my friends children also passed their driving test successfully with Sue Garner. She is very patient with her pupils and her vast experience in teaching driving helps all her pupils to become confident and safe drivers. Thank Sue for all your help. I would highly recommend Sue Garner as a driving instructor to anyone who is looking to learn driving. Dipali Thakrar."

17 October 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Diya Thakrar, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Diya 231019"Five Stars!"

19 October 2023 Google review logo

Renee Perez, Croydon, Surrey

SG Renee 231017"Sue was the best driving instructor I could’ve had, helping me to achieve the confidence I now feel when driving. I definitely recommend."

17 October 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Kai Muller, Croydon, Siurrey

SG Kai 230928"Sue was a great instructor that taught me very well and also very quickly, passing in 4 months of turning 17, she was always on time and always helped me best she could to improve my driving."

28 September 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Mia Gulless, Warlingham, Surrey

"Really nice driving school to learn with.very reliable and calm.I learnt with sue garner and she was excellent and taught me how to stay calm and confident with my driving.the lessons were filled with great tips and I felt really confident going into my test."

02 September 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Luke Bugden, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Luke 230810"Great patience and great teaching."

22 August 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Taymiyah Davidson, Croydon, Surrey

SG Tay 230811"I would highly recommend Sue, she has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable in teaching me to drive. Even on aspects I was finding difficult she was extremely patient and I’m thankful to pass first time thanks to her help."

28 August 2023 freeindex review Google review logo


Amy Peto, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Amy 230706 310216"I have had quite a few driving instructors in the past and never really grasped the whole aspect of driving weather it was the gears or how to deal with the situation on the road. But since having lessons with Sue I really started to understand the how to under what was happening in front of me. Sue is very good at explaining an situation and what I should have done how I could have deal with it in a better manner. I know that without her teaching I would not have been able to pass my test as well as quick as I did. Thankyou again Sue."

15 July 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Madeleine Tucker, Caterham, Surrey

SG Maddie 230613"For driving lessons I had Sue, she was a great instructor and really helped me to be able to pass first time. I really appreciate what she did for me and how my driving lesson experience was good so I was able to pass. Definitely recommend."

17 June 2023 freeindex review

Chloe Estrada, Croydon, Surrey

SG Chloe 230705 310216"My instructor Sue was amazing, I felt really prepared for the test and passed first time. I think a bit more money compared to other places, but worth it in my experience."

06 June 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Alyssa Mellerio, Croydon, Surrey

SG Alyssa 230630"I have had a really positive experience working with Elite and I passed my driving test the first time ! My instructor Sue was exceptionally good at making sure I fully understood my mistakes and tailored my lessons to allow me to improve on these skills and learn from them. I would highly recommend !!"

30 June 2023 Google review logo

Megan, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Megan 230606"I had a fabulous experience with my driving instructor Sue! She is an incredible teacher and I couldn't have passed first time without her. Lessons were always well structured and information was always clear and well explained. I went to test feeling confident and sure of my abilities and I feel Sue prepared me excellently, not just for the exam, but for a life of driving ahead of me. I would highly recommend her to anyone, thank you Sue!"

09 June 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Daniel McFall, Coulsdon, Surrey

SG Dan 230520"I recently passed my test with Sue as my instructor, she is very patient, understanding and helpful. I would highly recommend."

20 May 2023 freeindex review

Ben Bugden, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Ben 230428"Fantastic teaching and advice."

30 April 2023 freeindex review

Maddie Maher, Croydon, Surrey

SG Maddie 230427"I recently passed my test first time and I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor than Sue. She made sure I was prepared and I would recommend her to anyone looking for lessons."

30 April 2023 freeindex review

Daniella Naish, Croydon, Surrey

SG Daniella 230518"I passed my driving test first try after an amazing experience with Sue Garner as my instructor, who I couldn’t recommend highly enough! I was extremely anxious to start driving however Sue was kind and made me feel very comfortable and was very patient with me as I built up my confidence behind the wheel. Sue was very considerate of my anxiety whilst also encouraging me to push beyond my comfort zone. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, thank you Sue!"

20 May 2023 Google review logofreeindex review

Bernadette Atkinson, Croydon, Surrey

KH Henry 230503"Sue Garner is a fantastic driving instructor. She taught my son Henry. She is so very patient and kind. Her success rate is amazing which is testament to her teaching skill. I do not hesitate in recommending Sue. Thank you Sue."

20 May 2023 Google review logo

Devina Shah, Croydon, Surrey

SG Devina 230506"My experience with Elite Driving School has been nothing but fabulous. Sue Garner has truly been the best instructor and I could not recommend her enough. Her clearly structured and tailored made lessons were what lead me to passing the first time round. In line with her great teaching, she is a great laugh and I will miss all the car chats we had. She is patient, understanding and is very passionate in what she does which reflects onto her work and students. Going forward I feel positive and confident driving by myself. Thank you for everything Sue."

11 May 2023 Google review logofreeindex review

Sophia H, Croydon, Surrey

SG Sophia 310417"I have had an amazing experience with my driving instructor Sue. From the beginning she has made me feel so comfortable and developed my confidence. She always explains things very clearly and has been supportive throughout. I appreciate all the time and valuable advice she has given me."

17 April 2023 Google review logo freeindex review

Nadine Bailey, Croydon, Surrey

"My daughter passed 1st time with Sue. She gave her confidence and all the skills needed to be a great driver. Will 100% be using her again with my other daughters. Thank u so much Sue"

26 February 2023 Google review logo

Louisa Bailey, Croydon, Surrey

SG Louisa 310227"Passed my driving test first time all thanks to Sue who was a fabulous driving instructor who taught me a lot. Bring my first time on the road she was very patient with me and made me feel very comfortable. Sue always planned lessons before hand to make we fit everything in before my test date and always managed to fit me into her busy schedule."

"She is such a friendly person and i can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me."

08 March 2023 Google review logo

Adam White, Croydon, Surrey

SG Adam 310216"Great services , highly recommend. Ask for Sue if possible great instructer easy to get on with. Great teaching techniques to get you on the road asap."

18 March 2023 Google review logo

Payal Shah, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Payal 310321"I had an amazing experience with my instructor Sue from Elite after being recommended them by a family member. Sue's organisation, encouragement, patience and support definitely built my confidence up so I was able to pass first time! I would definitely recommend Sue and Elite Driving School."

21 March 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Harvey Stedman, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Harvey 310321"My instructor Sue Garner, was excellent with me. I am not the easiest of pupils to instruct. I am quite frustrating at times, as Sue will testify to this. Anyway, I could not passed my test with out Sue, she was very patience and understanding with me. I passed first time with only one fault. My Mum, has a saying about me - 'Harvey might not train in an constructive way and he is hard work, but he does have a habit of pulling the rabbit out of the bag!' As per usual my Mum was right !"

21 March 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Ryan Bailey, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Ryan 310320"Elite was very good to learn with. My driving instructor Sue is very professional and creates a very similar environment to what the driving test is so it feels like another lesson on the test."

20 March 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Abbie Daly, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Abbie 310325" My instructor Sue was so lovely and helped me to pass first time. Going to miss my driving lessons!"

15 march 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Ella Duffy, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Ella 230223" Sue was lovely and very helpful. Would definitely recommend! Thank you Sue!"

09 March 2023 freeindex review

Ethan Parry, Croydon, Surrey

SG Etan 310226"Sue from Elite was a very helpful and friendly instructor who helped me develop my driving skills quickly. I passed my test within 3 months of starting lessons, thanks to Sue ensuring I was comfortable whilst driving and moving forward with my learning at a good pace that I felt comfortable with."

26 February 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Kash Burns, Caterham, Surrey

SG Kash 310226"I finally passed my test - a huge thank you to Sue Garner! Over the past year I had completed a crash course with previous driving instructors and never passed my test after 5 tries… unfortunately none of them seemed to care about my learning and got me into bad habits. However I was then recommended by a friend who had passed their test with Sue Garner. She helped me out and took me under her wing and within one lesson I was learning things that I hadn’t learnt before from previous instructors. She is very knowledgeable and is very patient through out all my lessons. Honestly I can’t appreciate Sue enough, I have improved so much since learning with her and she is so good at what she does. She cares about her students so much and motivated me to not give up and I finally passed my test!"

26 February 2023 freeindex review

Izzy Rider, Croydon, Surrey

SG Izzy 310123"Sue was so great!!!! 10/10."

31 January 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Sami Siddiq, Purley, Surrey

"I had weekly lessons with my driving instructor Sue. My lessons were constructive and I enjoyed learning how to drive on roads around my area. I received a high quality of lessons where specific routes were planned for me, teaching me along the way. With Sue's help, I was able to pass my driving test with 0 minors. This would not have ever been possible without her."

18 Novemebr 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Liz Curtis, Warlingham, Surrey

"Both my children were taught by Sue from Elite and they both passed first time. They are both very considerate, sensible and confident drivers. This is down to Sue's expertise and knowledge as to when they were both ready to take their tests.
One of my daughters is under investigation for ADHD and when I discussed this with Sue, she immediately changed her teaching strategy and it had an immediate impact on her confidence and ability.
I would highly recommend Sue.
Thank you !"

13 November 2022

Kadie Smith, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Kadie 220930"Sue was an amazing instructor highly recommend doing lessons with elite."

30 September 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Georgia Serafim, Warlingham, Surrey

"Really happy with the Elite Driving school, especially with Sue my daughter driving instructor. Highly recommend"

28 September 2022 Google review logo

Amelia Serafim, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Amelia 220921"Sue was the best driving instructor I could have had! She was so supportive throughout driving. She made me feel at ease and made my driving experience enjoyable."

21 September 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Anjali Shah, South Croydon, London

SG Anjali 1 220914"I have had a great experience with Elite. Sue Garner has been an amazing driving instructor. I would definitely recommend her to others. She is really organised with a methodical approach to teaching. She is very patient and encouraging and I now feel confident driving on my own. It’s definitely down to her and her clear instructions that made me pass first time. She is lovely and I can’t praise her enough. Thank you so much Sue!"

15 September 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Jemma Sutton, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Jemma 220831"Amazing! Sue was great, very patient and fantastic teacher :)."

31 August 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Liam Tambling, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Lian 220808"Really pleased with my first time pass. Thank you so much to my Instructor Sue and Elite.. Sue made me feel so good from the start and is a great Teacher.. Thank you."

08 August 2022 freeindex review

Kacie Russell, Purley, Surrey

"Elite driving school are amazing! My family has been using Sue as our instructor and all we can say is that she is an incredible instructor. She works hard to insure that her students are test ready. I’m please to say I managed to pass 1st time with sue. She is organised and I was always able to book and rearrange lessons when needed. Elite has top quality instructors. I highly recommend!!"

11 July 2022 freeindex review

Kian Carter, Biggin Hill, Kent

SG Kian 210701"When others are looking for a driving instructor, Sue is someone I strongly suggest. She was just what I needed to make me feel more comfortable and happy when driving, as she was professional, incredibly nice, and extremely calm. In order to ensure that I aced my test first time around, which my cousin also had the year previously, Sue made the most of our lesson time. Sue worked hard to arrange a lesson time that suited me and was very accommodating. I really enjoyed taking driving lessons from Sue at Elite Driving School. Sue is definitely a first class driving instructor, who I would highly recommend to anybody."

29 June 2022 freeindex review

Willow Park, Caterham, Surrey

SG Willow 220530"Sue from Elite has been an amazing driving instructor and her clear and encouraging instructions have made me feel confident in my driving ability. I have passed first time and with no minors thanks to her teaching. I would definitely recommend Sue as a driving instructor for anyone thinking of starting lessons."

30 May 2022 freeindex review

Christian Amon, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Christina 220527"Sue is such a good driving instructor I was able to gain confidence and pass first time. She is so supportive and I couldn’t have done it without her."

28 May 2022 freeindex review

Sebastian Waldron, Woldingham, Surrey

SG Sebastian 220421"Great Lessons, really got grips with the car and felt I made steady progress every lesson. Really thorough preparation for test day."

21 April 2022

Samuel Nash, Biggin Hill, Kent

SG Sam 220328"Sue was my instructor and was absolutely perfect, I’d gone through two previous instructors with different companies and I thought I’d never pass, I passed first time with Elite thanks to Sue’s way of teaching, thanks again!"

28 March 2022 freeindex review us Google review logo

Ramell Davidson, Croydon, South London

SG Ramell 220325"Absolutely worth it, I would highly recommend. I passed my test 1st time round on the 25th March and the driving instructors such as Sue Garner are very welcoming in making you feel comfortable when driving and productive in telling me what areas in my driving I need to improve on which was a key reason in which I passed my test."

25th March 2022

Maria Radlett, South Croydon, Surrey

Maria"Sue Garner was an incredible instructor. I came to Elite after having a bad experience with another company, and I'm so glad I did. Sue made me feel confident in myself and was extremely comfortable to be around. I passed first time with zero faults or minors, and I truly believe if I hadn't switched to Elite that wouldn't have happened so easily. Sue always planned the lessons exactly suited to me and I felt every lesson was 100% worth the money. Kind, funny and extremely productive, I definitely recommend Sue and Elite."

26 March 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Aristofanis, Caterham, Surrey

SG Aristofanis 220323"Went into driving on a whim, not too bothered at all if I passed or not, but after a considerable amount of time gone into it, I actually got to the point of enjoying the lessons taught to me, and the overall experience of driving has been a first-time life changer."

"The driving instructor I had assigned to me was the perfect value for money, as I did pass the first time, and good for alot of chat also."

"Nothing much to say, other than it went very well for me, and I didn't need go do anymore than 1 test, perfect."

"Thank you Sue."

24 March 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Bethany Richards, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Beth 220324"Thank you so much Sue! Sue was absolutely fantastic and helped me pass first time!! I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and can't thank you enough!"

24 March 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Lucy Burton, Purley, Surrey

SG Lucy Burton 220316"Learned to drive with Sue and she was absolutely incredible! Passed my test first time, 6 months after I started lessons. Sue is a great teacher and communicates really well. I now feel completely confident driving on my own. Would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to get their driving license."

22 MArch 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Emma Stanford, Croydon, Surrey

SU Emma 220316"My driving instructor Sue was great. She was so helpful and patient with me. Sue made me a very confident driver."

22 March 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Daniel Hughes, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Dan 220324"I had Sue as my instructor and she was great at ensuring I was fully prepared for my driving test. I would highly recommend her for others who are learning to drive."

11 March 2022

Becks Jones, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Becks 220221"I passed first time with my instructor Sue, she is a fantastic driving instructor! I’d recommend Sue as an instructor to any learners of any ability as she is very knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. My sister and lots of my friends had Sue as a driving instructor and we all loved her, she is funny and kind which made learning to drive a lot less daunting."

03 February 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Terrae Gorassini, Redhill, Surrey

SG Terrae 220223"My driving instructor Sue was incredible with me. Our journey to me getting my license has been a two year process due to covid. Sue never let me down! She is patient and encouraging and is a stellar instructor. I owe my passing to her. Highly HIGHLY recommend!"

24 February 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Kiera Boxall, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Kiera 220207"Sue Gurner is truly the best of the best driving instructor in South Croydon!My daughter Kiera Boxall passed first time!She was so happy and felt calm and at ease with Sue. She honestly goes above and beyond, her friendly, patient, kind endearing way is so lovely!Kiera couldn’t wait to see Sue every week. I can’t recommend Sue enough,she is amazing.From the bottom of my heart Thank you Sue, we will miss you and all our chats so much!"

15 February 2022 freeindex review

Liam Brant, Purley, Surrey

SG Liam 220203"I was referred to by a family member to elite driving school, with my instructor being Sue. Glad to have passed first time, with Sue as an excellent teacher preparing me. Overall she was a very professional teacher and lovely to be in the car with. She also has in depth knowledge of what an examiner looks for when in a driving test, which really sets the standard for elite driving school, so I would highly recommend to anyone eager to start learning how to drive."

11 February 2022 freeindex review

Jack Pink, Croydon, Surrey

SG Jack 220207"Very clear instructions, made me feel comfortable, overall very decent service."

11 February 2022 freeindex review freeindex review

Dana Maksimovic, Kenley, Surrey

"I had Sue as my instructor. She is lovely, kind and a very supportive instructor. She helped me build confidence in driving a manual and was flexible with arranging lessons. I felt like I was constantly improving with her. I recommend her to learners of all abilities as I could not have asked for a better instructor."

17 January 2022 freeindex review

Catherine Jones, Coulsdon, Surrey

SG Catherine 210107"I started lessons with Sue Garner in 2018 and she was fantastic. Sue instantly puts you at ease and is such a calming and reassuring presence. I needed to stop lessons due to being away at University but when I returned home Sue very kindly taught me again. She is so clear and kind in her directions- I really could not have asked for a better instructor. Sue was recommended to me by a friend whose whole family learned with her, and I have since recommended her to another friend. We have all passed with Sue and really enjoyed our lessons with her. I couldn't speak highly enough!"

09 January 2022 freeindex review

Orla Montgomert, Purley, Surrey

SG Orla 211118"I passed first time!! Sue is an amazing driving instructor, she taught me how to drive safely and confidently. I was a pretty nervous driver before meeting her but after her lessons I became a calm and confident driver. Would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive. She made me so prepared for my test, honestly can't thank her enough. Thank you so much Sue!!"

19 November 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Camilla Grace Winton, Caterham, Surrey

SG Milly 211020"I was double booked 3 weeks before test date and was introduced to sue. She’s an amazing instructor, and really put me at ease. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is wanting to drive!"

22 October 2021 freeindex review

Ruby Hare, Purley, Surrey

SG Ruby 210922"Fantastic company and Sue my driving instructor was absolutely amazing at teaching me to drive, wouldn’t have passed without Sue! Thank you."

29 September 2021 freeindex review

Sami Butt, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Sami 210928"Great in depth lessons."

29 September 2021 freeindex review

James Mulvey, Warlingham, Surrey

"I highly recommend both Elite Driving School and my instructor Sue Gurner. She is extremely supportive and patient when teaching, providing a comfortable learning experience which gave me plenty of confidence when taking my test."

05 August 2021 Google review logo

Lewis Whiting, Croydon, Surrey

Lewis passed with Sue"The lessons are amazing, efficient and extremely effective. My instructor Sue structured the lessons very well, catering more time to areas and routes that I needed more practice on. This allowed me to become confident behind the wheel and grow as a driver, allowing me to pass first time on both my theory and practical driving tests!"

18 August 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Lola Valles, South Croydon, London

Lola passed with Sue"Sue is an excellent driving instructor; she taught me how to drive confidently and safely, and she always made sure I had my scheduled weekly lessons even if her week was really busy, adjusting to last minute time changes. My goal was to pass my test before my holiday in August and she put her heart to it, working with me to get me ready and I passed! Even though my test centre was not her usual one, she went out of her way to show me the relevant routes. I thoroughly recommend Sue to anyone looking for a patient and reassuring teacher, she was amazing thank you Sue."

16 August 2021  freeindex review Google review logo

Emma Chandler, Warlingham, Surrey

"Sue taught my son to drive, he passed first time. Sue was so good with him very patient and kind and such a lovely lady, I can’t recommend her enough. She gave him the confidence to drive safely and taught him everything he needed to know to pass confidently. As a mum all you can ask for is that your child is safe and happy in someone’s care and with Sue that’s exactly what you get from her."

28 July 2021 freeindex review

Alex Lucas, Croydon, Surrey

"Sue is a great instructor, she helped me get test ready and simplified the test by covering all scenarios that could come up in a test. With her help I passed first time and felt confident for my test 5/5 stars ."

26 July 2021 freeindex review

Hannah McHardie, Purley, Surrey

Hannah"Elite were so professional and supportive in my driving experience. I had Sue as my instructor and she was great at helping me get my confidence back after some tricky learner experiences. She was calm and helped ease me into things whilst pushing me to do more and be better each time. Even given the pandemic she has been very active in keeping up and making time for me even after going to university. 5 stars :)."

20 July 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Katie Merrit, Warlingham, Surrey

Katie"My instructor, Sue, was amazing! I really enjoyed my driving lessons and she helped me prepare very well for my test, which meant I passed first time! I would highly recommend Elite Driving School to anyone who is learning to drive."

20 July 2021 freeindex review

Harrison Bee, Croydon, Surrey

Harry"Very good, felt really comfortable and this helped me to pass first time like my brothers."

08 July 2021freeindex review

Alex McLean, Kenley, Surrey

Alex "Fantastic driving lessons particularly from Sue, who was always friendly and patient. Amazing standard of teaching meant I passed first time confidently! Would highly recommend!"

10 July 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Jacob Reynolds, Warlingham, Surrey

Jacob passed with Sue"Great driving school, with amazing instructors especially Sue who enabled me to pass first time!"

21 June 2021

Nadia Hussain, South Croydon, Surrey

"My instructor Sue Garner is always punctual and well-organised. She gave me clear and useful feedback about my driving in lessons and prepared me well for my driving test, enabling me to pass first time. She is always friendly and encouraging, and helped me feel confident about my driving."

11 June 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Jack, Coulsdon, Surrey

Jack passed with SUe"I passed first time with no minors thanks to my instructor Sue Garner with elite who overall was a fantastic driving instructor who always made me feel calm and collected throughout learning. 100%recommend."

29 May 2021freeindex review

Andrew Dearden, Croydon, Surrey

"I had Sue as my driving instructor and I couldn’t have had a better person in the car seat next to me. With the pandemic and university, she was flexible and kept in contact with me throughout this process. In the car, she made me feel much calmer when driving and she explained everything clearly. With Sue’s and Elite’s driving help I passed with only 1 driving fault."

10 June 2021 Google review logo

Alex Cockcroft, Croydon, Surrey

"I recently passed my driving test learning with Sue Garner. She is a fantastic instructor and has all the key traits you need when learning to drive; kind, calm, patient, supportive and informative. It hasn't taken me long to pass my test, and I certainly would not have been able to without Sues support. I'm genuinely going to miss having my lessons with Sue every week. THANK YOU SUE, I COULDNT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU! :)"

20 April 2021 Google review logo

Tommie Butler, Croydon, Surrey

Tommie passed with SUe"Sue Garner was an excellent instructor and I would highly recommend for any of those who are planning on learning to drive. During this pandemic and hard time Sue was extremely calm and flexible with her time teaching me everything I needed to know before taking my test."

23 May 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Ellie Parsons, Beckenham, London

Ellie passed with Sue"Sue Garner was a great instructor. She gave me the confidence I needed, and was very patient and supportive throughout. I was a very nervous driver before coming to Sue, but she helped me overcome this and I managed to pass first time! I would 100% recommend elite driving school, and learning with Sue was a great experience!"

19 May 2021 Google review logofreeindex review

Abrielle Wells, South Croydon, Surrey

Abrielle passed with Sue"Sue Garner was very patient and helpful in lessons and made sure I covered everything I needed to before test day. She also made me feel comfortable and helped build up my confidence. She was always punctual and flexible."

19 May 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Ethan Hamlyn-Sack, Walingham, Surrey

Ethan passed with Sue"I went with sue from elite as she was recommended by many people who had passed previously. I had a great experience learning and enjoyed all my lessons. Each lesson had a constructive theme, so I felt I had achieved something each week. I was really happy to pass first time, and would highly recommend both Sue and Elite!"

15 May 2021 freeindex review

Julia Rose Canavan, Purley, Surrey

Julia passed with Sue"I came to Sue after a bad experience with a previous instructor and she was so helpful in building my confidence and teaching me everything I needed to be a safe and knowledgeable driver. I can't recommend her enough, thank you Sue!"

11 May 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Brennan C, Redhill, Surrey

Brennan passed with SueZERO HERO!!

"Sue Garner was great to learn with. I always felt comfortable and gained confidence in my driving. A first time pass with zero faults was the best! I recommend Sue 100%."

08 May 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Hana Aleem, Croydon, Surrey

SG Hana1 210429"A great quality of teaching makes every penny worth it. I chose to have Sue as my driving instructor after a very strong recommendation from my older sister who passed her test first time. She is a lovely driving instructor who takes special care to make her students feel comfortable when driving, despite any beginners anxiety. Sue works to cater everyones learning styles, through visual images (on her iPad ) or by being more than happy to stop over and go through any mistakes / questions you may have. I ALSO passed my test first time today with 1 minor and I owe it all to Sue. I’m over the moon. I can’t wait to have my brother start his driving lessons with her in the near future. Her texts 24 hours in advance of a lesson are also very handy if you have a bad memory like me! Thankyou Sue! I will miss our chats and good laughs."

29 April 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Taylor Jones, South Croydon, London

Taylor Passed after taking driving lessons with Sue in Croydon"Elite driving school is an excellent driving school, I highly recommend if you are looking to learn to drive. My instructor Sue Garner was friendly, easy to get along with, and a lovely all round person. She helped, and supported me when learning to drive providing an incredible service, which enabled me to pass first time. You may think elite is pricey, but for the service provided it is more than worth it."

08 December 2020  freeindex review